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The world needs for you to be self-expressed.

As an Assertiveness Coach for Women I help women learn how to set and maintain boundaries to have relationships that work.

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Setting Boundaries with Difficult People

Meet Catherine

Catherine Sternberg is an Assertiveness Coach.

"I combine my professional experience as a corporate trainer, my training as a Certified Coach, as well as my life experience to introduce assertiveness skills through 1:1 coaching, group classes and a membership program.

All of my training is interactive over Zoom where I encourage women to share their challenges and successes. I provide a safe, nurturing environment where we hold each other accountable for our progress. Our goal is to take our relationships to a higher level, whether with our partners, our families or in our workplace.

We get to say how it goes.

“One of my passions is to ensure that women understand what it is to be in healthy relationships where they are respected and loved for their unique selves”

What Clients Say

These are some of the results from my 1:1 clients coached over Zoom and in my online group coaching.

We're starting a monthly Membership Program to provide a supportive environment for ongoing

expansion and accountability. Let me know if you're interested in joining us.

Arin K

"A big thanks to you Catherine!

You have helped me achieve that in my relationship which I could not even imagine. Working with you in understanding boundaries in a relationship and being an observer has helped me alot. You have been a true motivator and supporter for my business as well.

Thank You for helping me get so much more out of my relations and my business."

Marilyn R

"I’ve coached and practiced with Catherine and gained so much subtle insight as well as sound direction!

It feels to me that it takes time for our emotion-body to be ready for what our intellect and even training already knows." Personally, meditating & praying on it as well as sending vibes to the relationship connection or simply to the challenge itself, eventually, magically, opens a door and the training and practicing make me ready for it when it happens. PLUS accepting that it’s imperfect every time! But better than expected or feared."

Sue F

"Catherine taught me the skill of observing behaviour objectively and ‘responding’ rather than ‘reacting’ when I’m getting feedback or in a difficult conversation. She gave me scripts that I can use in any situation to stay calm and keep control over my emotions. I’m a much more effective manager as a result.”


About My Coaching

Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. To get what you want in life and to have relationships that work it's important to manage expectations. Where are you not honouring yourself in exchange for the approval of other people? In my training I share the answers to the following questions as we practise creating boundaries in a safe environment.

"What does it mean to create boundaries and what's the purpose of it?"

What is the first step in learning how to set boundaries so that I honour myself and have peace in my relationships?

Which people in my life should I be setting boundaries with?

How do I go about setting a boundary? What are some words that I can use to make sure others respect those boundaries?

How do I say "NO" to requests when someone wants something from me that I can't or don't want to do?

What are a couple of tips to dis-engage from a toxic conversation that seems to be going around in circles?

How can I practise self-care after dealing with difficult people or situations?